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Year 2017, more than 230+ projects has been completed. 7+ projects are still ongoing

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Today’s “WaterWin” Ltd. started its business journey on the 22nd February 2004. the business organization of that time was named ASP Products for manufacturing & Supplying of pure drinking water. In-taking views & Concepts Of Pure drinking Water was much more Poorer in Dhaka city as well through out the country. People of Bangladesh, Basically people of cities like Dhaka- Chittagong were aware of & concerned a little about the total mechanism, in & outs of pure drinking water. Systems of pure drinking water were rare in conventional markets. As the same time people were not familiar & also not habituated to use such components for pure drinking water.Another wing of “ASP food Products” named “AR Association corporation” Was Erected in the year of 2006, on the 18th January. “AR Associate” was exactly target oriented to supply, install and maintain of water purifier, water treatment plant etc. On the smoother way of it’s business path way, AR associate turned into “Water World”. But “Water World” Was registered under the companies act. 1994, article xvii as a ltd. company of Bangladesh On the 23rd may 2013, renaming “Water Win Ltd”. On the way from ~ “ASP Food Products” to water win ltd. it was not so easier,nor so smother. Various types of struggles, huge limitations, absence of perfect business environment of such business, lack of conceptual stands about pure drinking water ware. But in-spite of each & every obstruction, our business organization was non stop absolutely to achieve its goal. There ware stories bitter, there ware stories sweeter, there were mix someone. But we were determined exactly. our cordial-laborious efforts added an standard, significant, efficient & accurate role model in this sector. Our independent capability to design to fabricate to assemble to manufacture to engineer of water treatment plant any, form micro to macro level has given our company an individual prestigious quality scale that purely differs us from other conventional company in this sector in national content as our well equipped,well engineered & well furnished workshop has made us something special from others.

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