How Safe is Your Water

Water can not be made 100% pure by boiling. Because boiling only can kill germs but deadly Chemical contaminants like arsenic, excessive iron, chloride, led, pesticides used in agriculture and other poison used in the factories which drains into our water sources can not be removed without RO (Reverse Osmosis) process. For example, if you put some salt in the water and boil it you will find the water salty after boiled. It means boiling could not remove salt from the water. The chemicals dissolved in the drinking water acts as slow poison and makes us vulnerable to heart attack, stroke, cancer, renal failure, rheumatic arthritis etc. diseases, and reduces our life expectancy which is around 57 years. Whereas, the life expectancy of Japan is more than 85 years. About 70% of our body contents are water, so the water you drink accounts for 70% of your health.


Only WaterWin RO Systems can make your water 100% pure by removing all types of dissolved and undissolved impurities keeping essential minerals in the purified water