WaterWin WATERTECH DW SOX / SOW / SSW solution

Purification of water with Reverse Osmosis membranes. Drinking water plant  WATER-TECH DW SOX/SOW/SSW, to provide the required standard of potable water for towns and industries, through brackish or sea water desalination with reverse osmosis membranes.


WaterWin WATERTECH DW SOX / SOW / SSW solution

  •  Reverse Osmosis membranes desalination, to remove dissolved pollutants in water, such as mineral salts, heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive elements, etc.
  •  More energy efficiency than other desalination systems (distillation).
  •  Physical-chemical pretreatments and automatic-scheduled preventive actions to prevent RO membranes clogging with suspended solids, salts precipitates and/or bio fouling.
  •  No need of chemicals reagents and unnecessary consumables which generate cost and dependence.
  •  Fully autonomous operation, ensuring the water quality and the maximum equipment protection. No need of qualified and permanent staff.
  •  Very compact and modular plant, with simple and immediate installation and commissioning. Without civil works. Without setbacks.

Standard features

Silex and Anthracite media filtration.

Microfiltration cartridge.

High pressure pump with Variable Frequency Drive.

Reverse Osmosis membranes desalination.

Anti-scale dosing.

Flushing and CIP skid.

Measurement and control equipment.

Electrical panel and automation and control system.

Framework, piping and electric connections. Testing.